LUXSEE, The Executive Club where leaders go to engage with their peers to forge meaningful and productive relationships. We call this The Social Approach to Business ™️. To ensure participation we provide bespoke events and experiences for our members. Exclusive and always gated. Meet peers. No messy networking. Never solicitation.

The Social Approach To Business ™️

   Bringing the right people together for authentic and meaningful engagement.

We believe that the right introductions are so valuable. Using our model, The Social Approach To Business ™️, We connect you to the right people. We make introductions that build strong networks using meetings, events and bespoke experiences. Curation that promotes quality business relationships. Effective high touch strategies.

The right people having the right conversations with Luxsee.

Founder Note

As CEO & Founder of Luxsee, Betsy believes that authentic relationships and strong alliances are critical! Starting out in the advertising industry for a major media provider she spent years cultivating genuine & worthwhile business development strategies that distinguish. She lives in SoCal and enjoys the pursuit of living her best life on a daily basis. She encourages you to realize the best version of yourself and your business.  Create the life that you have always wanted! Discovering and provoking the best in yourself and in others. We live but one life, be extraordinary, live extraordinarily. 

Betsy is an inspirational leader, motivator and professional connector. She advocates for building better and more authentic business relationships by delivering meaningful introductions. Connecting people using innovative strategies. Luxsee, an event firm created specifically for business development. She looks forward to continuous growth and improvement. In addition, she is dedicated to delivering quintessential bespoke experiences and exclusive luxury events. The goal, to engage & inspire an executive community and promote better relationships.