“The Social Approach to Business” ™️

curate business relationships through engagement strategies and stylized VIP experiences using “The Social Approach to Business." CEO & Founder of Luxsee, a business engagement firm with purpose . I believe quality engagement and authentic relationships in business are essential. My passion for people and the desire to build meaningful business relationships online & offline, has become my craft.


My advocacy for successful corporate growth in business is my objective. I have over 15 years of collective experience advocating for business growth in the middle market and it has been an extraordinary journey so far. I started my career working in the advertising industry for a major media provider. Media (otherwise known as mass communication) has changed in this decade allowing everybody to actively participate rather than advertise passively to an audience. Don’t stand on the sidelines. Engage in a meaningful way and make impact with relevant and meaningful strategies that distinguish. The Luxsee Way.