About Luxsee

Luxsee LLC, Established in 2017. The Social Approach To Business ™️ is the only executive impact event firm in San Diego delivering Strategic Alliances. The Luxsee Team delivers business relationships, connections, and high level introductions through innovative executive private events & experiences. “The right people, the right conversations, for the purpose of business. Innovation & success inspire us. Failures & mistakes they strengthen us, but the depth of our alliances, that empowers us!”

Since the launch of the brand, it’s evolved into an approach that leverages strategy. No more sales pitches and inappropriate networking. Luxsee is gated, exclusive and created to provide value.  Not a CEO Forum or a leadership group, a private event firm for business opportunity and executive engagement.

A Message From The Founder

As CEO & Founder of Luxsee, Betsy believes that authentic relationships and strong alliances are critical! Starting out in the advertising industry for a major media provider she spent years cultivating genuine & worthwhile business development strategies and innovative PR standards that distinguish. She lives in San Diego, California and enjoys the pursuit of living her best life on a daily basis. She encourages you to realize the best version of yourself and your business.  Create the life that you have always wanted! Discovering and provoking the best in yourself and in others.  We live but one life, be extraordinary, live extraordinarily.