Identify | Introduce | Engage | Experience

Meeting the right people, having the right conversations for business.  Exclusive for Executives. Gated Experiences for appropriate and meaningful interaction. 

Luxsee curates strategic executive peer conversations through experiential marketing and social selling using The Social Approach to Business.  VIP outreach through engagement strategies that are mindfully curated to meet objectives. 

The right peers, the right conversations and the right connections. Igniting peer conversations & collaboration.

  1. Identify: collaborate with the right people for your business objectives
  2. Introduce: Curated introductions beyond traditional methods (online & offline).
  3. Engage: Online to Offline strategies that convert. 
  4. Experience: Luxsee hosts thoughtful, productive and engaging experiental events for the purpose of business.

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The Luxsee Experience Menu:

Identify & Introduce

The Engagement Plan

The private dining

The Stylized

The red carpet

The Leadership Forum